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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 2, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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greg contain your excitement. that is it for us tonight. see you back here in 48 hours on "the five." special sunday show. thanks, everybody. >> bret: the beginning of the end. both sides are spinning. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ the unemployment rate picked up. the job increase, beat expectations. still the numbers are historically low for incumbent president, fighting for political survival. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us that both sides are trying to use the figures to their advantage. >> four days, four years. >> critical time hours president obama raced through
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three campaign stops in ohio and declared the new jobs report shows real progress in the first term. it was telling he spent less than ten seconds on the actual unemployment report. and only touched on the better than expected 171,000 jobs created. >> today, our businesses created 5.5 million new jobs and this morning we learned that companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> in battleground wisconsin, republican romney said he glossed over the messier details a charged the nation will face a recession if mr. obama is re-elected. >> he said he would lower the unemployment rate, down to 5.#% now. today we learn it's actually 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when obama took office. >> former labor department official notes at this pace it would take decade to get back to full employment. >> we need to have certain
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growth to keep up with the population. we're still talking nine or ten years of recovery. >> yet, the president has a narrow lead in ohio because the state's unemployment rate is only 7%. the president has gotten some credit for the auto bail-out. he charged today romney is trying to win this state by falsely charging in an ad the bail-out will lead chrysler to shift jobs from jeep plant here to china. >> everybody knows it's not true. the car companies themselves have told governor romney to knock it off. >> romney spokeswoman stood behind the ad charging, "his mismanagement of the process exposed taxpayers to $25 billion loss." companies are expanding production overseas. woman at the president's first event ripped romney in the opening prayer and suggested mr. obama has god on his side. >> a time when 47% of our population we're not surgically excised out of the
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heart of the country because they were retired or sick or poor. stand tall, mr. president. god is with you. we are with you. >> asked how the president is feeling, david axelrod just told reporters here he has never seen mr. obama more accelerated, adding right now the stump speech is coming from the president's loins. bret? >> bret: from his loins? okay. ed, thank you. >> yes. >> bret: okay. stocks ended the week on a down note. the dow lost 139.5. the s&p 500 dropped 13. the nasdaq fell 38. mitt romney has begun his final push hitting as many of the major tossup states as possible. chief political correspondent carl cameron is along for the ride with the romney campaign. >> in wisconsin, four days before the election, mitt romney made his official closing argument of the campaign. >> if you believe america should be in a better course, if you are tired of being
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tired. then i ask you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one. >> romney cast race as the choice for the future on what he calls the president's four-year record of failure. >> candidate obama promised change. but he couldn't deliver it. i promised change but i have a record of achieving it. >> romney's final 96-hour sprint takes him to new hampshire, colorado. sunday to iowa, pennsylvania, virginia. monday to florida, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. romney argues big change requires bipartisan and the president has been scapegoating. >> i won't waste time complaining about my predecessor. i won't spend my efforts try to pass partisan legislation unrelated to economic growth. from day one i'll go to work to help americans get back to work. >> senate democratic majority leader harry reid in a statement fired back. "mitt romney's fantasy that
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senate democrats will work to pass his conservative agenda is laughable." romney blasted the president's agenda as little more than big government at expense of the private sector. >> if the president is re-elected he will promote government dapped mote business. i like business. i don't see it as a necessary evil. >> in the extraordinarily close race, romney strategists dismiss any threat from two other little known candidates. libertarian candidate gary johnson, former governor of new mexico, barry registers in polls but could take votes from both candidates in colorado. in virginia, virgil gould, a republican and democrat and now third party candidate. getting out the vote takes priority now. in the final week of october, romney spent $11 million to run 17,000 ads. the obama camp dropped $24 million on twice that. nearly 36,000 commercials, according to the campaign media analysis group.
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>> as of 7:00 tonight, the romney cam main moved to the final 96-hour push. they will visit seven states, handful more than once. pull near all-nighters in order to get the finish line 7:00 tuesday night when the first polls close across the country. >> bret: carl cameron traveling with the romney campaign. the aftermath of hurricane sandy now includes the cancellation of the new york city marathon. public outcry over the city's refusal to cancel the race in wake of hurricane convinced the authorities to reverse course and pull the plug late this afternoon. correspondent david lee miller is live on staten island with the breaking developments. good evening, david. >> bret, you know the starting line for the marathon is here in storm ra advantageed staten island. many people here are pleased to hear the race has been canceled. mayor bloomberg issued a statement that said while holding the race would not
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require diverting resources from the recovery evident it's clear that it has been source of controversy and division. the region is still recovering from the storm and the survivorring only continues -- and the survivorring only suffey continues. >> people living in area affected by the storm is running out of patience. >> it's terrible. everything is going down hill. this is not america. i don't know what it is. >> millions are without power, especially those who depend on overhead lines for electricit electricity. >> i don't have anywhere to go, i don't have closed. all the closed i have on they gave it to me. >> in hard-hit staten island residents are trying to dry out and sift through the daniel. >> 22 years of my home, i lost it. >> many said when help arrived it's too little, too late.
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see what this is about. >> i haven't heard from fema or coast guard. this is amazing nothing has been done here. a father was electrocuted in basement water after moving the family to safety in the attack. two boys two and four were drowned when floodwaters swept them away from the mother in the suv. deg pite efforts to shoot fuel in the region, two-third of gas stations in new york and new jersey closed. there are long lines of angry motorists and stranded driver drivers. >> if you drive around in circles you run around gas faster. plus in line at the truck, it burnt five gallons of gas sitting here. got out and walked up. >> it's unbelievable.
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>> we are alive. >> mass transit continues to improve. army core of engineers are removing the blood water. they toured staten island and told residents they want to make sure the right resources are going to be provided. but they would like more rhetoric and more action. >> live in staten island. david lee, thank you. contractors who do business with the government and may cut jobs due to sequester were supposed to send out layoff notices today. the lawmakers charm the administration made other promises to firms as well.
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john thune said the defense contractors are given assurances by president obama the legal bills will be covered if they are sued for violating the warn act. amazing economic numbers you won't hear in the mainstream media. in the grapevine. up next, c.i.a. version of what happened in benghazi on september 11. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. campbell's healthy request soup great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: checking international headlines, american investigators will talk to people in custody for tunisia for the last month attack in libya that left 4 dead including the ambassador. the c.i.a. weighed in reporting with the own timeline on the rescue evidents that night. >> nearly eight weeks after
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the september 11 attack in benghazi, the c.i.a. is acknowledging the role , providing the most detailed timeline to date. to rebut the reporting by fox news. the attack started from tyrone woods and other agents to leave and provide help. second recon team left 40 minutes after the attack began. our sources insist all teams could have left sooner but were told to stand down. the c.i.a. says the base chief trying to arrange libyan assistance. they return if consulate and come under attack with rocket propelled grenades. some assume the fight is over. at 1:15 a.m., the
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reinforcements arrive on 45-minute flight from tripoli in a plane they chartered. they are held up by the libyan authorities. that team wanted to go to the hospital to retrieve ambassadorsteins body but couldn't because the opt because they were surrounded by the ansar al-sharia mely sha. u.s. intelligence informs the senior leaders as early as 7:00 p.m. eastern. less than four hours after the start of the attack. at 5:04 a.m., doherty team arrived at the c.i.a. annex. seven hours after the attack on the consulate began. he and woods take position on the roof and according to the c.i.a. official version, woods an doherty focus the laser sights on the group of libyan attackers as warnings not to fire. they did not, the c.i.a., says, lazeer the mortar team.
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woods and doherty killed by a mortar at 5:26 a.m. and the c.i.a. evacuate the survivors to the airport. but the plane they chartered from trippi isn't big enough and -- tripoli isn't big enough and they have to make two trips. abc news said the state department denied a request to keep a d.c.3, fast moving passenger aircraft in country to transsport security personnel. it was instead sent to iraq. they are gettings a fect the custody who is held in tunisia. that comes a day after senator lindsey graham inquired with the tunsen officials about whether the f.b.i. could have access. day after tunisian officials met at the state department. >> bret: right. the question is if a south carolina senator was obviously involved in defense issues can
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pressure the tunisias why couldn't the white house? >> human rights group say the syrian rebels may have committed a war crime in the apparent execution of the group of captured seasonals. video shows a group of gunman, soldiers on the ground. 35 seconds of gunfire in this video. killing took place thursday supposedly in northern syria. iranians marked the 33rd verse of the says sure of embassy in tehran with anti-american demonstrations. in 197 # the militant storm that embassy and held 52 americans hostage for 444 days. they chanted death to america and burned the u.s. and israeli flags. still ahead, what we're hearing from coal country and the huge stakes in the election. first election fraud. and the tradition in one ohio community. but they say it will be differentbe this year.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> bret: the somewhat loose interpretation of voting law in one part of ohio is a thing of the past. senior correspondent eric shawn looks at the clean-up of kkicuyahoga county. >> how many times did you sign up? >> 73. >> how many? >> 73 times. >> now fours years later the officials say the problems are in the past. >> have you seen the problem now? >> we don't see the problems. that was significant. it was objectionable. and we need to put our feet down and we did here and across the state. we know what happened to acorn.
3:22 pm
>> in 2007, two board officials were convicted of trying to rig the 2004 presidential election recount. the year before, voter cards and machine keys were lost. employees took machines home to tests. taxi drivers transported memory cards that hold the vote. they accompany sheriff from the polls. >> we are confident in the process. what has changed is a new administration here running the election process. we have put checks and balances and brothers in place to ensure voter integrity. >> sandy is a democratic board member. >> we moved more having compliment of workers. we tried to hold people accor
3:23 pm
accordable. >> 88 precincts will not have republican workers. i .s fill the role. the state democratic party submitted the names of 560 poll observers for their side. >> bret: eric shawn live in cleveland. most of the country turns the clocks back an hour saturday night. that is when daylight savings time ends until march. revealing numbers about jobs and food stamps you have not seen. the pro-obama clergyman that things all white people are going to hell. just kidding. the grapevine is next. to bring d medicare prescription drug plan.
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>> bret: now thresh pickings from the political grapevine. growth of food stamp program under president obama is 75 times as much as as the new net job growth. they break down the numbers after the jobs report. 194,00,000 new net jobs created compared to 14.7 million new people added to the new stamp
3:28 pm
rolls. in january of 2009 there were 143.56 million americans. today ther -- thursday night, none of the big three evening newscast devoted time to the ongoing libya scandal for the seventh straight night. though the reporters and jake tapper at abc and cbs written stories demanding answers and accountability from the obama administration. news busters notes those stories were banished to the internet. in the friday followup, two-fer tonight. wednesday, we learned the syrian government attributes the monster storm sandy to advanced technology developed by iran.
3:29 pm
now some cleric it's divine punishment. another we told you tha reverend joseph lowery believes all white people are going to hell. he did not apologize and said the comments were a joke. things are blown out of proportion due to his connection to president obama close to the election. >> i told a story that i have told 100 times. particularly with interracial audiences to lighten it up. we can get along. there is not that much difference in spite of our complexion. ♪ ♪ >> bret: four days and counting. we talked a lot about nergy in this presidential race. but what about coal specifically? 26 states have some kind of coal production. here they are. the big zest wyoming.
3:30 pm
second biggest is west virginia. it comes to battleground states and there are four key coal producers in heat of the election. colorado, virginia, pennsylvania, and ohio. the appalachian basin, the red circle here, eastern ohio and western pennsylvania. that is ground sere row for the battle and a lot of votes. ♪ >> we want to wake up that morning and know that the coal jobs are coming back to eastern ohio. romney campaign is betting that coal country is fed up with the current administration. take a look at the latest romney ad, airing in pennsylvania. >> if someone wants to build a copowered plant, they can. but it will bankrupt them. >> obama kept that promise and pennsylvania coal paid the price. romney's energy plan is different. >> by the way, i like coal. >> people in the coal industry feel like it's getting crushed by the bollsies. i want to get america and
3:31 pm
north america energy independent to create jobs. >> the pushback questions romney's credibility on this issue. the president on the stump. >> the governor, stood in front of a coal fired plant. and said this plant kills people. now he is running around, talking like he is mr. coal. >> at the second debate, the president said this. there we made the largest investment in clean coal technology to make sure that as we produce more coal we produce it cleaner ard smarter. >> coal employment was higher than when he took office but coal production dropped three years ago to remain lower than when he was president. the number of coal jobs is half of what it was 30 years ago. the critics like james inhof
3:32 pm
of oklahoma see a president epa determined to shut the coal industry down. >> the evidence of that is the utilities are ending the contract as a result of the uncertainty. the president can say all he wants about clean coal technology. but he is one personally responsible for killing coal. specifically the utility max. maximum achievable control technology. >> just last week, inhof sent a letter to the president blasting the administration for missing a wednesday deadline. failing to comply with the law requiring the release of the regulatory agenda every six months. inhof says the president is hiding that agenda because of the election. >> he is intentionally delaying reports, that the law requires until after the election. >> the epa did not respond to the repeated request for comment on the charges, neither did the white house. the obama campaign also
3:33 pm
declined our offer. for to us include a spokesman on this issue. coal or energy in general. >> one obama campaign ad running in coal country goes after a romney ad, and the coal miners at an event. >> it turns out they were told that attendance at romney's rally was "mandatory." it ends with the line mitt romney is not one of us. these coal miners in west virginia -- >> feel that the industry is under attack? >> definitely. absolutely. 100%. >> yeah. >> i'm 53. i have been doing it for 31 years and i had kids and it makes me angry. why would the federal government want to eliminate all of our jobs at this time in the recession? we're providing cheap electricity for the united states. pride thing with us. coal miners are proud people. we're proud to provide electricity for the nation. cheap electricity. we have a sense of pride about that, doing a good job. >> i asked the west virginia state senator art kuykendahl, a democrat if he thought what
3:34 pm
the obama administration was doing to the coal industry was a "war on coal. what is a war? war is a fight that you go in to and you hope to survive. you may be killed. but you hope to survive. you are a coal miner a you just went to work on monday morning and your supervisor told you don't come back tuesday. he just killed it. if that is not a war, what is? >> bret: do you think there is a war on coal? what do you think of the issue. let me know on twitter. the final weekend before the election. the last jobs report talk about that with the fox all-stars when we come back. bla
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>> unemployment is higher than on the day obama took office. he has not met on the economy or the budget or on jobs. with neither of the republican leader of house or senate since july. >> the president and governor romney reacting to the october jobs report. 171,000 jobs. the u-#, the broader, under employment rate if you will is 14.6. that is what it has been. then if you look at the adjusted unemployment rate, this is the unemployment rate is the labor force was equal to what it was in january of 2009. what about this and how it plays to the race?
3:39 pm
bill kristol of "weekly standard." kirsten powers for daily beast. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> these are the numbers you get when you have a stagnant economy. stagnant unemployment. if you keep up with the numbers of jobs added, barely enough to keep up with the increase in population. unemployment takes up. people's perception of the economy have been fixed. unchanged for at least six months. so i think it has zero effect on the economy. on the election, i mean. in terms of the people who vote on the economy. so i think it's probably a wash. i think obama is lucky it came in under 8%. technically under 8%. he can talk about the increase in jobs since, you know, the last eight months, ridiculous number. romney case is the same in the past. no effect. >> bret: kirsten?
3:40 pm
>> romney's argument that it's higher than it was when obama came in office, of course, it's higher than it was. shedding $800,000 jobs a month. trajectory was set when he came in. obama broke the psychological barrier of 8%. it happened, you know, before and it continues that. ticked up slightly. but still under 8%. i think he can make an argument we are on the right path. >> bret: that jektory coming in didn't promise 5.4%. trajectory, right, as it was coming in didn't make the promise that it would be -- they never should have made any promises at all from a political standpoint. coming in, whoever was president, we'd continue to have high unemployment for some time.
3:41 pm
the consumer confidence is up. people feel better about the future, which is what obama needs to win. >> the real clear average of polls. people have poll united states but this is the average of the ten latest polls. nationally. 47.4, to 47.7. >> they're tied, plus one or national polls. >> they are even. a margin of error. even race. as you said. tight race. i agree, that the economic judgment is baked in. the romney campaign thesis is economy is bad enough to beat president obama. the obama campaign is we can discredit romney enough to drag president obama past the finish line though the economy is bad. i have been nervous about the proposition that you can depend on the economy.
3:42 pm
but romney seems to be convinced of it. he gave a closing argument speech and it was about the economic policy. he didn't mention national security. he should say we deserve the answers on what happened on benghazi an white house, what you did and don't do. >> it's late. had he done it in the third debate it would have been a tie breaker. had it done in last week with revelations on fox, that would have been important. but to do it on saturday before election day, will be portrayed by the media ignored the benghazi link, media still with incredible effect. dispar ration and momentum stop and is in retreat.
3:43 pm
the storm came out of nowhere. the one quality he won and demanded in general was luck. obama would have been a good general in napolean's army. >> bret: we'll talk about benghazi in the next panel but i want to get to the back and fourth over the one ad run in ohio. >> obama took g.m. and chrysler to bankruptcy and sold chrysler to italliance who would build jeeps. romney will fight for every american job. >> you have folks working at the jeep plant calling employer worried asking is it true are the jobs shipped to china? the reason they make calls is governor romney is running an ad that said so.
3:44 pm
it's not true. >> the head of chrysler confirmed the romney ad said the company intended to return jeep production to china. world's largest auto market. in order to satisfy local market demand. obviously touchy. there is one speech that romney said take the jobs from ohio to china. the add does not say that. whether it infers that is neither here nor there. but chrysler-fiat is building jeeps in china. number one. number two, models in italy including jeeps are going to be exported in to the u.s. what about the controversy.
3:45 pm
>> the "new york times" had this alone to say it concentrate on ad that will stretch the truth is unbeliev unbelievable. they want to liquidate the auto company and disappear in thin air. obama said it was not true that oil and gas production had declined. federal lands. of course it had. has there been coverage of that? zero. the jeep ad, which is 1 on a scale of 10 in terms of stretching is the cause celeb of the day. >> it's mystifying. to say i do think that the "new york times" decides what to put on the front page. if you are on twitter, the jeep thing was constant drum beat among the liberals. then suddenly, it becomes the front page news and what we're
3:46 pm
concerned about. they act like this is the willie horton add. >> it's in the president's speech. >> this is not a terrible ad. the president doesn't want to have a debate about this. trivial small ball. they will get a draw on. if i can be obsessive, romney should raise benghazi. >> four americans -- >> four americans died in benghazi. that is much more important. >> next up, the latest on libya. >> sorry. busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy! -[ music stops ] -it's great! well, what's with the... -[ music resumes ] -music? ♪ have fun tonight dude. getting a car insurance quote. i'll let it go to voicemail.
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♪ >> bret: from this podium i'm not going to be peeking about any aspect of the requirement to bring to justice those who were responsible for the benghazi attack. >> i'm not going to speak about our conversations with other governments. i'm not going to speak about what we're learning or who we may be pursuing along with the libyans. >> bret: there was not a lot coming out of the state department today on a lot of questions about benghazi. that was a question about the access to the suspect in tunisia. which now the f.b.i. will get access to. thanks in part, we're told to senator lindsey graham. ran from south carolina. who pressured the tunisians. first by letter and then by phone call. and now the f.b.i. is getting access. so, why now? this as the c.i.a. brought reporters in to brief them on their timeline. after our reporting about what happened in the early hours. after the attack started. ewere not invited to that
3:51 pm
briefing. back with the panel. bill, what about this story? >> i know you think governor romney should talk about it. but let's get the bright perspective. >> he should. to finish that point. i think if he doesn't talk about it, voters will say it's complicated, screwup, everyone screws up. he has to make clear he takes it seriously enough to raise it in one of the speeches he is giving in the last few days. the story itself, the president said he issued directive, that evening in the white house. that everything should be done to rescue our men in benghazi. it's perfectly reasonable to ask two months later to whom did you issue the directive in written or in a meeting? where was the meeting? who was in the meeting? what was done to follow up on the directive? are you satisfied with this you have? maybe we did evening we could or the defense assets weren't in place to move in. maybe the c.i.a. guys from tripoli would get out. everyone understands these are complicated decisions. we're excitaled, i believe this, we are entitled to an account of what the decisions were made and followup on that
3:52 pm
evening. >> want to explain about our reporting, jennifer griffin's reporting about the stand-down. the c.i.a. now says it took 24 minutes for the, from the start of the attack for tyrone woods and five other c.i.a. operators in the alex, a mile away from the con sue -- affection, a mile from the consulate to respond. they were waiting for libya militia to get weapons ready. our source, knowledgeable that we trust said they could have left much sooner. but they were told to stand down. the timing is different. the c.i.a. said that there could have been a misunderstanding in that communication. they say it was 24 minutes. kirsten, u.s. intelligence informed the senior leaders as early as 7:00 p.m. eastern time. less than four hours after start of the attack. that ansar al-sharia tied to al-qaeda, carried out this attack. >> well, not only that, they
3:53 pm
surrounded the hospital, where ambassadorsteins' body was. the timeline released they knew ansar al-sharia surrounded the hospital. where did the video story come from? the things just aren't connected if they knew that. talk about the spoon feeding of the story. >> if you go to the video story, the next few days, we talk about susan right and what the president says but on september 25, he goes to the united states and does the video. the anti-islamic video six times in the speech. this is four hours after the attack. >> well, i think the administration is saying on the e-mail they got saying well, sort of speculation.
3:54 pm
>> c.i.a. timeline. they surrounded the hospital. the main problem with the story spoon fed. this is a diversion to answer questions nobody asked. not of concern really. david igancious is saying well, the c.i.a. bungled but there is no conspiracy. nobody said there was a conspiracy. they said incompetence and lying. that is a big difference between those things. so by saying there is no conspiracy, story is over. everybody move along. nobody says there is a conspiracy. >> bret: charles? >> it makes a mockery of the pretense they didn't learn it was an insurgent attack and terrorist attack until later. the president is boasting he called it terror attack on day one. it undermines the story.
3:55 pm
their version is contradictor contradictory. the warning ignored. from your reporting and jennifer's reporting all the way through there were warnings of warning emergency meeting august 15. not regular, but emergency meeting. they had no protection and they are trying to get help. the 417, the locals, the local militia supposed to be on their side, the guy, one of their guys taking pictures of the compound. i think on the same day. there is larger warnings you could have. there is no way to rely on the force. the c.i.a. explanation from standdown that the half-hour delay they were trying to get in contact with libyan protectors but there were none and they were defecting to the
3:56 pm
other side against us. >> bret: we will have something tells me more opportunities to talk about this topic. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see a few copycats. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. ,
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where. >> finally tonight many parents see themselves as role models for their children. sometimes that role model role rubs offer on other members of the family, human or not. [horn honking] >> you are a role model. your pets watch you. and they mimic you. [horn honking] >> oh, yes. i may be seeing a lot of that tonight. i'm heading to new york. join us sunday night for a pro view of the


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